Three Easy Steps to Assemble Your TANKS A LOT®

Step One - Put the wheels on. 

  • Slide the axle that comes in the wheel kit through one wheel.
  • Slide the axle through the axle sleeve at bottom of frame.
  • Slide other wheel onto end of axle, and tap on hub cap to secure the wheels.

Step Two - Attach the casters

  • Casters slides up into pre-drilled holes in front of frame.
  • Screw lock nuts on tightly.

Step Three - Fill with water

  • Screw hose end onto water faucet.
  • Open ball valve at end of hose.
  • Turn water on.
  • After tank is full turn off ball valve, and then the faucet. Unscrew hose from faucet.
  • Attach your water wand.