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Portable, No Maintenance

Self-pressurized - No Motors, Fuels or Pumps

Multiple Uses

Ergonomic Tilt & Roll Design

Saves Time & Improves Safety

Flexible Stainless Steel Wands

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The ultimate watering machine!

Since 1990, TANKS A LOT® has manufactured TANKS A LOT® Watering Machines and Flexwand® products.

TANKS A LOT® machines provide constant flow with control of volume and pressure at point of delivery. No power supply, no motor, no fuel, no noise.

TANKS A LOT backs all its products with a limited warranty, giving our customers confidence and peace of mind.

Interiorscape, Garden Center, Floral, Grounds Maintenance,
Exterior Cleanup, Building Maintenance.

Learn more about TANKS A LOT® by watching these videos.

cut watering costs with TANKS A LOT<sup>®</sup>
Cutting Costs
TANKS A LOT<sup>®</sup> make job bidding easy
Job Bidding
help prevent injuries with TANKS A LOT<sup>®</sup>
Prevent Injuries
TANKS A LOT<sup>®</sup> helps you keep customers and the general public safe.
Public Safety
TANKS A LOT<sup>®</sup> watering machines are greate for reducing proprty liability
Property Liability
Improve your watering effeciency with TANKS A LOT<sup>®</sup> watering machines
Improve Efficiency

Smart people buy TANKS A LOT®. They know that the best tools in a technician's hands are better than inferior products. Why? Lower repair costs and technician injury liability. Improved employee efficiency reduces labor costs. Increased profit margins result from reduced labor costs. See Management Support for tips on technician use and maintenance.