About Us

The easy, fast, safe way to control, conserve and deliver water.

Reduce costs

Studies show 50 to 80% reductions in watering labor and time compared to any other machine. TANKS A LOT® requires no fuel, electricity, motors or power supply. No fumes and no noise.

Ergonomically correct; the safest watering machine.

The TANKS A LOT® lightweight design means no straining or heavy lifting. It eliminates job related injury. Leak Proof, no dripping means no slipping. The memory coil hose stays off the floor. No tripping prevents customer liability.

Fill faster

TANKS A LOT® fills in 2 - 4 minutes; no internal resistance.

Increased sales

Your sales staff will have more time to influence customer-buying decisions. More products can be stocked, watered and sold.

Light weight - quality materials

The tank is made of ANSI/SFI Standard 61 plastic. The zinc-electroplated, steel frame is rust-proof. Wheels are custom made for maximum leverage and all-terrain mobility.

Low maintenance

TANKS A LOT® materials and design insure many years of usage without chips, scratches, rust or repairs. Go to the care and use page for specific instructions.

No re-pressurizing

The TANKS A LOT® patented pressurization system never needs re-pressurizing. It adjusts easily to accommodate low tap pressure. If your tank has been de-pressurized, go to re-pressurizing the tank.

TANKS A LOT® is made in the USA

Manufactured in Spokane, WA we take pride in our product and our customer service. We are dedicated to making our customers more profitable by reducing the time they spend watering.

Right for every job

Small floral departments love the compact model 16E. Use the model 20BU to empty, clean and refill bouquet buckets anywhere. The models 16B or 20B have a work station tray top. Garden centers prefer models 20F or 30C to cover more area quickly. We have the right watering machine for every job.

TANKS A LOT® is a watering revolution

Before there was TANKS A LOT®, all water machines were metal tanks with rubber diaphragms. They were heavy and hard to move. Their internal mechanism prevented fast filling. They were risky because of leaks, and hoses on the floor. You can't imagine the dramatic difference a TANKS A LOT® makes until you use one!

You can't afford not to use TANKS A LOT®.

Profits depend on equipment that insures safety and efficiency. TANKS A LOT® keeps your profits from drying up.


Our Promise

TANKS A LOT® delivers an unbeatable combination of competitive pricing, product customization, fast delivery and excellent customer service. Let TANKS A LOT® change your expectations about convenience, price and service:

  • Talk to a TANKS A LOT® representative Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
  • 24 hour online shopping and same day shipping.
  • TANKS A LOT® serves you with a personal approach. We can help you customize your machine with the accessories that you need for different jobs.
  • Printable online support information available 24 hours a day.
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer.


It's all in the numbers!

On our website you can enter HOW IT WORKS and use the FORMULA FOR SUCCESS. Enter your current actual watering labor costs, and instantly our website calculates how fast TANKS A LOT® pays for itself and your annual watering savings.

It's easy!

Ordering is simple!

You can order by phone, by fax or use the TANKS A LOT® online store. Your order is processed and shipped the same day. We fax or email you the shipment UPS Tracking Number. You can see your order's delivery date at www.ups.com.

Your TANKS A LOT® comes complete with full color photographic instructions and warranty. TANKS A LOT®assembles in three easy steps; it fills in minutes, and it is ready to use. With TANKS A LOT® it is easy to perform previously formidable jobs. The time you save can be applied to servicing more accounts.

TANKS A LOT® makes bidding new jobs easy and accurate, both important factors in successfully achieving profitability. Professionals use TANKS A LOT® to establish technician training procedures and quality standards for servicing their accounts.

TANKS A LOT® is ergonomically correct - it carries the weight of the water over the axle. When used as directed, TANKS A LOT® eliminates job related injury and liability. Large or small technicians can achieve the same efficiency using TANKS A LOT®

Who are we?

Since 1990 TANKS A LOT® has been manufacturing and distributing TANKS A LOT® and Flexwand® products to the Garden Center, Nursery, Interiorscape, Supermarket Floral, Florist, Pest Control and Building Maintenance industries.

Originally invented by Lynne Haines to increase the safety and proficiency of her Interiorscape Company, our products are designed and tested to be easier, faster and safer than other watering machines.

What do we do?

We provide an affordable alternative to expensive labor and equipment for watering plants.

In short: deliver water in half the time without the liability of wet floors and/or technician job injury. Water twice as much product in the same amount of time. This means less time and labor, more safety, proficiency and profitability.

Our mission statement

Supply the world with the best watering machine in a fast, friendly and efficient manner. To continuously stay ahead of the needs of the market providing a unique watering alternative. To provide the best customer service and products. At TANKS A LOT® we take care of business.