Interiorscape Watering Tanks

From the inventor of TANKS A LOT®

I watered plants for many years as an Interiorscaper and I invented TANKS A LOT® to make my job easier. I needed to reduce risk of injury on the job while increasing productivity to increase my profits. TANKS A LOT® did it for me, and it will do it for you.

Ergonomic consultant, Mr. Ira Janowich says, "It eliminates back strain and the risk of employee liability by design. Tanks-A-Lot is the safest way to water plants; no straining or heavy lifting." Light and easy to move, the superior design reduces your labor 50 to 80% compared to all other watering machines. TANKS A LOT® helps make your work a pleasure. Customer and technician liability is reduced, on the job safety is increased; no water or hoses on the floors. TANKS A LOT® is dripless and has a memory coil hose.

The best part of using a TANKS A LOT® is the way it moves. Designed to carry the water weight over the axle, it eliminates heavy pushing, pulling or lifting. The unique "Tilt and Go" design let's a tech move a full TANKS A LOT® effortlessly in any direction with one hand. It spins 360 degrees in place, fits between tight spaces - all TANKS A LOT® watering machines are 22 inches wide. The fire code in buildings states that no furniture shall be less than 25 inches apart.

Today's industry is highly competitive. Time is money. You can't afford to waste time pushing awkward machine. You can't afford to risk injury to your techs. Keep your best people working with the best equipment. Reducing labor 50 to 80% means techs cover more area. Effort is spent on the plants and customers instead of pushing water.

TANKS A LOT® makes training your techs easy. Any sized person can use a TANKS A LOT®. It takes the same time, no matter who is using it, to water a specific account. When bidding an account, walk the TANKS A LOT® to every plant adding 2 seconds per plant for watering time, and 2 to 3 minutes per filling. Multiply the total by 52 if the account is weekly, divide by 12 and you have the bottom line monthly watering time for that account. Knowing the basic watering time on every account is a key to profitability.

Here you will find the TANKS A LOT® and tools preferred by Interiorscaper professionals. Depending on the size of the job and the location of the tap, TANKS A LOT® has what you need to do the job safer, faster and more profitably.