Our Watering Systems Save Money and Saves Time at Rosauers


One of the reasons that Rosauers on 29th Avenue in Spokane, Washington ranks NUMBER ONE in sales for the chain is the TANKS A LOT® watering system, says floral department manager Cindy Ehlers. She credits the system with increasing sales, reducing watering time, reducing shrink, and allowing her to buy a greater variety of product.

"With the Tanks-A-Lot to water them, I doubled what I sold the year before. "She says the system has cut her watering time by 75%. Before, she had to remove each arrangement from the cooler for watering. Now she can reach between, over and around product to the back of displays by using the Flexwand. Hanging plants are crucial to the department setup, now they don't need to be taken down for watering thanks to Flexwand.

Cindy says, "We placed tiered displays in other areas and added more tiers to the displays in the floral department. I have an island at the entrance and one near the Express line to give folks a second chance to get what they saw as they came in."

Cindy says the TANKS A LOT® has changed her buying habits. She stocks a greater variety now and puts plants such as 8-12 inch blooming plants in other departments for impulse purchases. And she doesn't hesitate to buy products such as hydrangeas anymore for fear of not having time to water them.

The TANKS A LOT® is a big advantage when Cindy is busy. Because it is not complicated, a helper clerk can water. Cindy says at first she did not realize the capability of the machine but now, "I couldn't live without it."

"I have 20% less product loss now that I use Tanks-A-Lot," She says. "I sell twice as much product now, and it ensures that I have time to give my customers the service they deserve."

All in One Trip

Fill TANKS A LOT® with water, and take it to the display. Empty the display buckets into the waste container, and refill the bucket with water, preservative and floral product. Return to sink and drain waste container. It is that simple.

Studies prove TANKS A LOT® allows the product to be stocked and sold because it reduces the time it takes to water product by 80%. In one Store Efficiency Study done in 1999, the store experienced a dramatic change in their profit percentage. The store went from a minus 9 to positive 35 within six months by using a TANKS A LOT® machine.

TANKS A LOT® reduces watering time from 45 minutes to 5 minutes. The TANKS A LOT® fills in three minutes and moves easily and quickly through the store. With the compact size there was no problem storing the TANKS A LOT® in the small floral department. TANKS A LOT® is easy, safe and fast to use.


Features of TANKS A LOT® Watering Machines:

  • Light Weight
  • Constant Pressure
  • Reduces Labor 50-80%
  • All Terrain
  • Safe and Dripless
  • Fills Quickly