TANKS A LOT® Watering Machines Makes Spraying Easy

Fertilize or Weed Anywhere Faster!

TANKS A LOT® is used in many ways by Chief Engineers, Special Operations Managers, Facilities Managers and Exterior Landscapers responsible for maintaining the public safety, cleanliness and beauty of the grounds and walkways surrounding hotels, convention centers, parks, public buildings, hospitals etc. The ergonomically correct design, steel frame and large wheels makes TANKS A LOT® easy to move quickly anywhere, anytime a spot clean-up is required indoors or outside.

  • No hand pumping heavy cans
  • No cords, no electricity
  • No hoses to drag
  • Fills in 3 minutes

To kill weeds in pool yards, garden paths, curbs, patios, back lots, sidewalks, driveways, use a herbicide in your TANKS A LOT®. To feed flowers and shrubs, use fertilizer in your TANKS A LOT®.

TANKS A LOT® goes anywhere easily. Choose the wheel size for your need. Large 16 inch wheels go up steps, down curbs, over gravel and lawns best. 10 inch wheels work best indoors and places where space is limited.

Keep your property beautiful effortlessly. For instructions on how to put fertilizers and other chemicals into a TANKS A LOT® visit our Using the ChemFiller.