How To Use a ChemFiller

The ChemFiller is used to get water soluble additives into the tank as it fills.

ChemFiller is great for spraying weeds

Unscrew the black top assembly from the blue bottom reservoir of the injector.

  1. Be sure that the black "O" ring is properly seated in the groove of the blue, lower reservoir. This "O" ring provides a water tight seal. If the "O" ring is not in place correctly, the solution injector will leak.
  2. To achieve the proper concentration, make sure to confirm the correct dilution ratio of the additive (refer to the chemical manufacturer's instructions) and the water capacity of the tank to be used for this application. For correct ratio of chemical to water fill and empty your TANKS A LOT® once at each tap, measuring the water. Available tap pressure varies from building to building and sometimes within the same building.
  3. Put the water soluble additive in the blue reservoir. Then fill this reservoir to the "O" ring seal with water. Screw the top assembly on firmly.
  4. Referring to the diagram below, screw the female brass GHT swivel onto the faucet. Then, connect the female GHT swivel on end of the TANKS A LOT® hose to the male GHT fitting on the top assembly. NOTE: The top assembly is marked "IN" and "OUT" to indicate direction of flow.
  5. Turn on the faucet and fill the tank by twisting the TANKS A LOT® hose's ball valve open. Water will flow through the solution injector mixing with the additive as the TANKS A LOT® fills.
  6. When the tank is full, turn off the faucet and the TANKS A LOT® ball valve. Disconnect the solution injector from the system.

    • Strictly adhere to all chemical manufacturer's instructions.
    • Clean the solution injector by rinsing completely.
    • Occasionally put some Vaseline on the "O" ring to keep it sealing properly.