Plant Watering Systems Keep Your Profits From Drying Up

Garden Centers use TANKS A LOT® Watering Machines to:


  • water dry bedding plants without tripping the customers on hoses.
  • water hanging baskets before they dry out and look limp.
  • water potted outdoor plants where they sit, when they need it.
  • water custom plantings as you make them.
  • water shipments that arrive dry and can't be placed immediately.
  • water shipments ready to leave in a hot truck for a day of delivery.




A TANKS A LOT® watering system doesn't replace your sprinkler system or your hoses. It's for all the times you need water that the hoses and sprinklers aren't handy. For those extra early sunny days, the places the sprinklers miss, or that hoses can't reach, the many times you need a little squirt or it costs a sale; TANKS A LOT® watering equipment makes the difference between profit and loss.

Is the cost of a TANKS A LOT® worth it? Calculate the sales income you lost in shrinkage this spring? The total is probably more than the cost of a TANKS A LOT®. Don't you want one for every season's "Gotta Get Water Now Situations".

The reasons Garden Centers buy TANKS A LOT® is because they are strong, light, easy to move and fill in 3 minutes. They hold up to 30 gallons of water and are completely self pressurized. No motors, no pumps. TANKS A LOT® can spray, or fog; water, fungicides, A-rest, fertilizer, herbicide, pesticides. Our special wands and injectors we can help you deliver water or chemicals with ease.

Our customers tell us, "At first we had only one use for our Tanks-A-Lot in mind. Once we started using it things changed. We use it everyday in lots of ways and couldn't do without it now". They also tell us they sell more product and have less shrinkage - which means more profits.