Burp the Tank

If you cannot empty all the water in your TANKS A LOT®, IT IS NOT BROKEN -- it may have a back lock!

All units shipped via UPS Ground are pre-pressurized to 10 PSI and ready to use. They do not need re-pressurizing after or during use. However, if someone has removed the air while the TANKS A LOT® contained water; the remedy is simple. You must break the back lock suction in the water chamber by burping the tank.

Remove watering wand from the hose. Open the ball valve at the end of the hose.  

Place the TANKS A LOT® on a worktable and lay the unit on it's back with the hose extended down to the floor, allowing gravity to pull out some water.

When the water stops draining, but the tank still contains water, try to get air into the water chamber by elevating the base of the unit (turn the tank upside down). The remaining water will fall toward the top of the tank and suck air into the water chamber through the hose. Blow into the hose to clear it of water. Now lay the tank on it's back, extend the hose downward and let gravity drain some more water from the tank. Repeat this burping process until the tank is empty. A small amount of water may remain inside the unit. If your unit still contains a large amount of water add up to 30 PSI of air into the air cell to help push it out. Always keep the ball valve open when adding or releasing air during the burping process.

When the water chamber is empty, measure the air in the air cell. Leaving the ball valve open, add air to the air cell creating an air cell pressure of 10 PSIG. Replace the air cell cap. Now fill the TANKS A LOT with water through the red hose.

Do not measure or reduce the air cell pressure while filling or after filling the water chamber. This creates a back suction that restricts the exit of water from the tank. Once your unit's air cell is pressurized and you have filled the water chamber with water, the air cell will not give a pressure reading of 10 PSIG because it now registers the added water pressure. The pressure measurement will increase as the water and accompanying water pressure, enters the tank! In order to get an accurate measurement from your tank you must use a face dial air gauge that measures all the way to "0" PSI and the tank must be empty of water. Do not use a tire gauge!  See Air Cell Kit in Accessories.

How the Pressure System Works

The air cell and the water chamber are separate compartments. The air cell is suspended inside the water chamber from the top center. The water and water pressure enters the tank through the hose, rising around the cell, and depressing the air in the air cell. When the tank is full of water, the air in the air cell is forced to the top of the tank. As the water escapes, so does the water pressure, BUT NOT the air pressure captured in the air cell. It remains, and as the water escapes the air cell resumes it's shape, applying a constant pressure on the water exiting the tank.