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TANKS A LOT® systems can do more than water


My TANKS-A-LOT is still running around working hard since I bought it in 1994.
Jack Filasky of I G H L Flower Barn

I didn't realize how much difference it would make. I love it. It works perfectly.
Connie Devlin of Connie Devlin Landscaping 

We love TANKS A LOT products - they work very well for us!
Fran Watson of Watson's Greenhouse & Nursery 


Just to let you know we love our TANKS A LOT. It is working great!!!
Mark Salerno of Greystone Park Gardening Program

Bob Lewis, owner of Nature's Creations says, “We have 3 TAL30Cs and they use them in areas that are tight spaces because they love the way they move.”
Bob Lewis of Nature's Creations

TANKS A LOT reduces my watering time greatly and makes the whole endeavor much more efficient. Pre-TANKS A LOT, I spent hours walking back and forth to maintenance water closets with watering cans. I love TANKS A LOT because it makes my job a more professional undertaking, watering plants on 3 floors as well as built in planters in the living rooms.
Paula Swearington of Barclay Friends 

We bought one of the first TANKS A LOT watering machines. It worked fine but we got curious and tried a Waterboy. Now we are back for another TANKS A LOT because they are lighter and stronger. They are not cumbersome like the Waterboy, and TANKS A LOT has brass fittings instead of plastic. The local Waterboy representative went out of business and now we can't contact Waterboy for parts. I love the TANKS A LOT online shopping cart and customer service. When we placed an order they called to confirm the shipping cost and delivery date the same day.
Sheila Campbell of Garden Goddess

My Tank is working fine and sure does help me. Thank you for such a great tool for my trade.
Lori Franks of Frankly Fioliage

I have had my interiorscape business since the early 90"s and purchased your watering tank in 1995. I have had to replace the nozzle and rubber gaskets. What an amazing machine! Thank You Tanks-A-Lot for such an amazing machine.
Susan of Dufur, OR

The techs like it because it's lightweight compared to the Aguamate; eaier to maneuver and put into vehicles. TANKS A LOT has lots of different wands and work bags to keep your tools with you. TANKS A LOT Management Support makes Silver Sands Services more proficient.
Linda Hathaway of Houston, TX

Supermarket Floral

P C C Facilities says: How is it working for you? Working Great. Trying to convince other stores. How are you using it? indoors and outdoors and fresh cut flowers in coolers. What you do like best about it? They don’t have to cart flowers from front to back and it conserves water.
Tom Lukevich of P C C Supermarkets

We've had a TAL16E since our store opened in 2004. It's like my right arm! It's ten times better than watering with anything else. We couldn't do without it.
Lisa of Albertson's #4167

We have used our TAL16E all day, every day, year round, since we opened this store in 2004. We also use it outside to water seasonal displays that we set up outside as weather permits. We couldn't do without our TAL16E.
Brian Toper of Albertson's #4102

Exterior & Interior Landscape Maintenance

I have been very satisfied with TANKS A LOT and how it compares to Waterboy and Aquamate. Our TANKS A LOTs are used daily and weekly on our accounts and I am a fan.
Sara Sloan of No Ka Oi Landscape Service 

TANKS A LOT has worked out quite well around our shopping centers using it on our flower beds.
Gail Newman of The Palace Shops

Horticulture Manager Mario Llanos uses his TAL30C in the City of San Diego Balboa Plaza watering hanging baskets and planters. They don’t want to drag hoses in this very busy area. Mario says, It works very well for us”.
Mario LLano of City of San Diego

We have used Tanks a Lot for more than 20 years... The tanks have never failed. They are used outdoors on concrete about 12 hours daily.
Marshall Walton of City Planters

We absolutely love the TANKS A LOT! It is truly a lifesaver for our planters Downtown. This is truly a successful joint project that would not have been possible without TANKS A LOT. The Main Street Greenville, Council of Garden Clubs, The Greenville Challenge, The Washington County Convention Center Visitors Bureau, the City, and Mental Health Organization & Washington Square all provide jobs, train and guarantee employment for clients and customers.
Betty Lynn Cameron of Main Street Greenville

City of Ft Lauderdale, Facilities Manager Charles Scott, says their TAL30C works great for them.
Charles Scott of City of Ft Lauderdale

I truly love TANKS A LOT products. The Flexwand really saves our shoulders when watering hanging baskets. The TANKS A LOT watering machine saves our backs and makes our work so much easier. On the TANKS A LOT website I found a very handy tool for calculating my actual watering time costs. It has made my company more profitable. My company maintains exterior landscapes as well as interiorscapes, and decorates client accounts at Christmas time. We recently called TANKS A LOT because we couldn't get water out of our machine. We had a lizard problem! A tiny lizard had inserted itself into our water tap and plugged up our ball valve. Now we check taps for lizards before filling our TANKS A LOT machines!
Kathy Bunker of Living Interiors

TANKS A LOT is so much nicer than the other watering machines. We were using a gray trash barrel instead of the other watering machines that we had. This is much safer, faster and easier to use. My technicians love it.
Debra Cornelius of Tropical Techniques, LLC

We received our order and are now using our brand new Tanks-a-lot! With the extra parts we ordered we have re-vamped a couple of the old ones and they are now like new!! Thank you very much and as always it is a pleasure doing business with you!
Rose of Grand Rapids, MI

I don't have any problems with TANKS-A-LOT. We like them because they are light and easy to use. 90% of our water machines are TANKS-A-LOT.
Yolanda Gustin

Grounds Maintenance

TANKS A LOT has worked out quite well around our shopping centers using it on our flower beds.
Gail Newman of The Palace Shops Mall

“ I like TANKS A LOT because the hose never touches the floor and it is doesn’t drip water - both potential liabilities watering inside. Outside I use it every day on all our 6 ft concrete planters. It works real well me”.
Chris Seale of City of Waxahachie

TANKS-A-LOT is working perfectly. We use it to clean custodial issues outside the facility such as hazardous biological human waste and chalk from sidewalks and concrete. When I saw our staff watering the foliage decor with TANKS A LOT, I realized it would be more efficient, labor & time saving, quieter and "greener" than using the tractor, pressure washer, and hoses that I was using. No fumes, no fuel, no noise disruption.
Earl Taylor of Seattle, WA

Building Maintenance

“ I like TANKS A LOT because the hose never touches the floor and it is doesn’t drip water - both potential liabilities watering inside. Outside I use it every day on all our 6 ft concrete planters. It works real well me”.
Chris Seale of City of Waxahachie

Even the janitors at the shopping center love it. TANKS A LOT is the first watering machine that they agree works for them. TANKS A LOT is the ideal piece of equipment for watering anything, anywhere, anytime. We use TANKS A LOT for all our portable watering needs, from watering hotel & mall planters to washing railings. We use it off a cistern water supply that provides us 40 to 50psi and TANKS A LOT works great.
Debra Marsh of MUGAR Enterprises

We have used our TANKS A LOT on jobsites for over ten years to add water while we are creating construction joints in newly laid cement flatwork. We also use it during demolition when sawing concrete to cut dust as we saw. I see it go out in the back of a truck at least once a week.
Don of Moore's Flatwork & Foundation

Thanks for calling me to confirm my online order and help me get the right items - awesome customer service !! 

Mike Schutrum of Huntersville, NC

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