Property Management and Building Maintenance Companies use TANKS A LOT®

TANKS A LOT® is used in many ways by Chief Engineers, Special Operations Managers, Facilities Managers and Exterior Landscapers responsible for maintaining the public safety, cleanliness and beauty of the grounds and walkways surrounding hotels, convention centers, parks, public buildings, hospitals etc. The steel frame and large wheels on the ergonomically correct TANKS A LOT® make it easy to move quickly anywhere, anytime a spot clean-up is required indoors or outside.

The quiet self pressurized system has excellent pressure in a wide range of water delivery patterns from power washing to soaking hazardous issues such as urine, blood, feces or unwanted chalk and water soluble graffiti.

How do you remove and sanitize hazardous materials in public areas?

Safety planning and execution is a big responsibility. Correct equipment is key. TANKS A LOT® assures cost effectiveness, safety and proficiency on dirty jobs.

Special Operations Manager for the Seattle WA State Convention Center, Earl Taylor says:

"Tanks-A-Lot is working perfectly. We use it to clean custodial issues outside the facility such as feces, blood and chalk from sidewalks and concrete. When I saw our staff watering the foliage décor with TANKS A LOT®, I realized it would be more efficient than the tractor, pressure washer, and hoses I was using. No fumes, no fuel, no disruption."
Quiet, efficient safe clean-up anywhere - anytime is what TANKS A LOT® provides.

TANKS A LOT® insures the safety standards required to protect custodial staff from hazardous clean-up jobs. It works well with our implementation of green cleaning techniques and chemicals.” Call us today (800-948-2657 – and reduce your labor costs in this area while increasing your safety.