How To Attach a Watering Wand

TANKS A LOT® offers a variety of watering wands. All are easy to attach. After filling your TANKS A LOT®, screw the wand into the female brass swivel coupling at the end of the red hose. Open the ball valve near the end of the hose, and press the handle of the water applicator to deliver water.

To experiment with the volume, pressure and water pattern adjust the ball valve while opening and closing the water applicator. Start with the ballvalve off. Open the water applicator fully and start turning on the ball valve. Various Tips and Wands produce different water delivery volumes and patterns.

For the fastest water delivery use a Water Gun and WaterBreaker Tip. For an aerated flow use Flexwand® and Bubbler Tip. For watering CWI and reservoir planters use the Fill Spout or CWI Filler. See our Aluminum wands and Wand tips for more information on watering methods and variety of application i.e. hanging baskets, long wands, spraying chemicals.