Filling a TANKS A LOT® with water

TANKS A LOT® watering machines fill in 2 - 4 minutes. Follow these instructions to fill your TANKS A LOT®.

  • Twist the female brass coupling at the end of the red hose onto the tap firmly. Make sure the washer is seated correctly in the coupling to prevent leaks.
  • Open the ball valve fully and open the water tap. Your unit is now filling with water. Test the temperature of the water entering the unit by touching the tap or hose arm. Filling time is 2 minutes for a TAL16, 3 minutes for a TAL20, and 4 minutes for a TAL30. You can also tell it is full when you cannot feel the motion of water in the hose and you don't hear the water flowing. Standing at the back handle with your foot on the axle, tip your unit up on its back wheels. This gives you a sense of its weight for future reference.
  • When full, close the ball valve completely. Close the water tap. Unscrew the female brass coupling from the tap.
  • Attach your Flexwand®, making sure the washer is correctly seated.
  • Experiment with the water applicators over a drained sink area or outdoors. First, close the ball valve and squeeze the trigger down fully. Holding the trigger fully open slowly open the ball valve. Experiment to determine the best ball valve setting for each application.