Moving a TANKS A LOT®

TANKS A LOT® is ergonomically correct when used as directed.

The water weight is carried by the axle not the operator. TANKS A LOT® is ergonomically correct to prevent job related injury. When moving more than a few feet, we recommend tilting your TANKS A LOT® for maximum ease of handling. Tilting prevents front caster damage.

  • Stand at the back of the unit grasping the handle and place one foot on the axle.
  • Simultaneously push the axle forward with your foot while pushing down on the handle, until you are balancing the weight of the tank on the axle.
  • EXPERIMENT TO FIND THE POINT OF LEAST WEIGHT RESISTANCE: lift and lower the handle until you feel the balance point. This is determined when the handle is not trying to raise up or drop down. The handle is your lever. You use it to balance the water-weight on the axle, so you are not carrying it. Steer with the handle.
  • Push or pull to move your TANKS A LOT® forward or backwards.
  • Keep both wheels on the ground when moving over curbs or up stairs.
  • TANKS A LOT® can rotate 360 degrees in place. Steer TANKS A LOT® easily without tilting it, from the front if you have a B Frame Model. Pushing a TALB16 or TAL20B backward is very handy in closely furnished areas, tight aisles, or over rugs.
  • Transport TANKS A LOT® empty and upright in vehicles when moving from one location to another.
  • We do not recommend lifting a TANKS A LOT® filled with water. Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon and can cause work related injury. If TANKS A LOT® is filled while in a vehicle, use a ramp to unload it. Never lift a water filled TANKS A LOT®. Never drop a water filled TANKS A LOT®.
  • Do not transport "filled" TANKS A LOT® horizontally on their backs or sides.

Except for TAL16E, TANKS A LOT® is designed to be tipped when moved. To move a TAL16E stand beside the unit. Hold the handle in the forward direction. Push or pull the handle in the direction you wish to move.

OSHA recommends lifting with your legs by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. To lift a TAL into a vehicle, lean the unit back and grasp the frame between the casters. Slide the wheels into the vehicle first. TANKS A LOT® should be empty of water and securely strapped in place. Do not lay TANKS A LOT® it's back and travel when it contains water.