Replace the Hose

Note: If you are repairing a TANKS A LOT® watering machine purchased after January 2010 these instructions do not apply. In January 2010, we changed the design of all TANKS A LOT® models and these instructions only apply to TANKS A LOT® models purchased prior to January 2010.

  1. Remove the brass fitting on the red hose arm from the white plastic elbow where the hose attaches to the tank by unscrewing it. It is chemically glued into the white elbow so you will need to use a wrench and pliers to break the seal.
  2. Carefully clean the threads inside the white elbow, making sure there are no particles in the grooves.
  3. Using Teflon® pipe tape, screw your new hose arm into the white elbow.
  4. If you crack the elbow while removing the old hose arm, you will need to purchase a new tank, frame, and hose arm. After January 2010, replacement tanks will not fit frames older than 2010. All parts are available online in our store. Or give us a call; we are happy to help you refurbish your unit and get you what you need.