Securing the Base

If you are repairing a TANKS A LOT® purchased prior to January 2010, these instructions will be helpful. In January 2010 we changed the design of all TANKS A LOT® models, and these instructions do not apply to TANKS A LOT® purchased AFTER January 2010.

Required tools: One long straight edge screwdriver and one long 1″ wide file.

Remove tank from frame. Set tank upside down on a surface that protects the air stem valve: i.e. a surface with a hole in it so the air cell's collar is not supporting the weight of the tank.

Rotate the tank or base until the tab under the water exhaust pipe (A) is securely in place under the water exhaust base flange (B). Use your screwdriver to "shoe horn" the side tabs under the notched edges of the exhaust flange.

Insert screwdriver under the remaining tab (C) and lift it up. Hold the screwdriver perpendicular to the flange (B) so the tab can slide down the screwdriver past the flange. Using the tip of the file, apply pressure - near but not on - the edge of the tab until it pops into place. Considerable force is required.

To prevent future tank/base slippage use our new brace and adjustable banding to secure the tank to the frame. It can be retro-fitted to all units except the Model 16E and installs easily.

Fax us the details of any questions you have. We will call you right back.

This is an animation to help show the motion and action of securing the base.