16E Mini Model

16E Mini Model

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  • 16 gallon self pressurized blow/molded plastic, fiberglass wrapped tanks
  • Fills in 2 - 3 minutes
  • E style frame of 1" round steel
  • Zinc electroplated - never chips, peels or rust
  • 6' memory coil hose
  • Chromed brass Ball-valve and FGHT swivel
  • 4 black poly-nylon casters
  • Dimensions: 36"H x 19"W x 19"D
  • Empty weight: 32 lbs
  • Wands and accessories sold separately
  • Watch the video TANKS A LOT


The TAL16E is the mini model: strong, mobile, lightweight, easy to use. 

TAL16E comes with 4 black poly-nylon casters.

Tanks-A-Lot watering machines are ergonomically correct, safe and easy for anyone to use.  Technicians can move the Tanks-A-Lot with one hand and water with the other.

TAL16E rolls like a ball bearing, effortlessly on flat floor surfaces and be turned 360 degrees in place.  It cannot navigate deep carpets or uneven surfaces easily.

The design strength of our zinc electroplated 1" round steel frames makes e Tanks-A-Lot sturdier than other watering machines.

The Tanks-A-Lot red memory-coil hose never touches the floor and is highly visible. It lengthens or recoils to give maximum access to hard to reach plants.  The Ball-valve with FGHT swivel allows complete control over volume and pressure of water delivery.

Tanks-A-Lot watering machines come pre-pressurized and ready to use; you never need to re-pressurize.  Use the enclosed simple directions to: 1) add the casters and wheels, 2) fill the tank and 3) deliver the water.  Go toAssembly Support and see for yourself.

All accessories are a la cart.  Watch the video TANKS A LOT

Used by: Florists, Supermarkets, Retirement Communities.

Actual water capacity will vary according to water supply pressures at each filling source. Size does not accurately indicate gallon capacity due to the space that the air cell occupies inside the water chamber. Tanks-A-Lots are pre-set at 10 PSI to allow for maximum water input volume when filled at a water source pressure of 60 PSI. In other words, you will get as much water into your TANKS A LOT as your tap pressure allows. We use recycled packaging as much as possible. We appreciate our customers and value their patronage highly. Canadian customers are charged the Canadian Customs Duties and Taxes that are quoted by UPS for a specific order. These Fees are not available in the online freight cost estimate of your order. These Canadian costs are included in the Freight field of the Invoice-Receipt attached to the shipment box and emailed to you when we process your order prior to shipping.