Air Cell Kit

Air Cell Kit

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  • 1 Air Gauge - face dial shows PSI from 1 to 60
  • 4 metal Air Valve Caps
  • 1 Valve Stem
  • 1 Stem Remover - Extractor Cap
  • 1 Plastic Tank Cap


Air Cell Kit includes 1 Air Gauge,  4 Air Valve Caps, 1 Valve Stem, 1 Stem Remover, and 1 Tank Cap.

TANKS A LOT watering machines need very little maintenance.  Once a year the stem valve should be tightened to insure that air does not escape the air cell.  Extreme temperatures can cause the tiny washer on the stem valve to dry out.  This is the kit to keep your TANKS A LOT properly maintained.

Tampering is not uncommon.  If you cannot get all the water out of a TANKS-A-LOT use this Air Cell Kit and the directions found in the SUPPORT area of this website to solve the problem.

This problem is caused when someone releases air from the air cell while the TANKS-A-LOT is full of water.

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