Aluminum wand

Aluminum wand

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  • Aluminum wands are custom made in 1 to 5 foot lengths - your choice
  • Wands come in 45 or 120° bends at the tip end of the wand - your choice
  • Brass FGHT swivel for attaching to the Flowvalve
  • Flowvalve
  • All aluminum wands come with a Bubbler Tip.
  • Your choice of additional tips: Waterbreaker, Spray Tip or Mister
  • Tips are interchangeable on Aluminum wands



All aluminum wands come with a Flowvalve and Bubbler Tip.  They are custom made in 1 to 5 foot lengths - your choice.   Select additional Tips for various water applications from the drop down menu.

The Bubbler Tip delivers an aerated solid stream of water that won't disturb potting medium; easily directed into containers, sleeved floral product and arrangements.

The Spray Tip delivers a forceful tight pattern of water; good for fast watering, cleaning plants and work areas, and for spraying chemicals such as herbicides to remove weeds.

The Waterbreaker and Mister Tips come with a brass adapter to fit the aluminum wand. 

The Waterbreaker delivers a large volume of water quickly in a 2" diameter for fast saturation of large areas or planters.

The Mister delivers a fine mist of moisture from three fogging tips, delivering moisture to delicate plants such as orchids or seedlings; or for applying chemicals such as pesticides.

The ends of our Aluminum wands come in two bend styles: either 45° or 120° - your choice.

The 45° bend directs water at a 45 degree angle.  The 120° bend is used for watering down into hanging baskets or high planters.

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