Extention Hose

Extention Hose

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  • Bright red high pressure hose - easily visible
  • Memory coiled hose
  • Stretches 8 to 10 feet - any direction
  • One end has a chromed cast brass Ball Valve for
  • On/off control at the watering wand end
  • The other end has a brass MGHT fitting that
  • Attaches to FGHT swivel of the Ballvalve
  • On the hose arm attached to the TANKS A LOT



The 12' Hose Extension is used when more length is needed than the original hose arm provides.

Screw the brass fitting into the swivel on the original hose arm already attached to the TANKS A LOT.

The attached original hose arm of the TANKS A LOT will stretch 8' to 10' from the watering machine.  By attaching the Hose Extension you have a total watering reach of approximately 18 to 20'.

Used when watering from a scissors lift.  Leave the TANKS-A-LOT on the ground.  Hold the Ball Valve and your watering wand with you in the lift and go up to the plants.  The Hose Extension extension will uncoil to follow you up.

The input tap pressure, combined with the captured Air Cell pressure inside the tank determine your pressure at the plant when you are in a lift.

Use when additional length is needed to cross large rooms to reach potted plants, floral decor or patio planters.

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