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  • Flexible stainless steel wand
  • NO Flowvalve
  • Your choice of 8" or 16" lengths
  • Brass FGHT swivel
  • Bubbler Tip comes standard - other Tip options available


Pick the right Flex and make it easy to water anything, anywhere.

Choose the right Length and Tip for your watering needs from the drop down options menu.

Each tip is crimped permanently onto each Flex. Tips are not interchangeable on Flexwands.

Any Flex will attach to the Flowvalve or the Water Gun.

The 8" Flexwand bends by hand 45° for watering floral arrangements, cut flower vases and bouquets without having to remove them from inside their display coolers.

The 16" Flexwand bends by hand 180° into a "shepherd's hook" to water down into outdoor hanging baskets or indoor hanging plants.

Straighten by hand to water floor plants and bouquet buckets.

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