Flowvalve Easy Slide

Flowvalve Easy Slide

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  • Hand held rubber coated easy slide on/off lever
  • Brass male x male GHT connector - not shown
  • Use thumb to open or close water flow to wand
  • Attaches to the Tanks-A-Lot hose
  • Accommodates all Tanks-A-Lot wands and water applicators


Use on all Flex Wands, Fill Spouts and Aluminum wands.

To open or close the flow of water into the wand, use your thumb to slide the control lever forward or back. 

Coated in rubber to keep hands warm.  Easy slide lever makes light work of single handed watering, eliminating wrist stress.

Provides easy control over water volume at the point of delivery.  Solid brass fitting MGHT for twist on and off action when attaching to Flexwands and Aluminium wands.

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